Speciality & fine chemicals

Rare speciality and fine chemicals you will find with us

We are especially proud of our range of chemicals for peculiar applications. Many of them we can offer prompt ex stock. Whether complexing agents, antioxidants or optical brighteners, we deliver the right product for your individual application. Decades of industry knowledge make us a competent partner.

Chemicals for various applications in various industries

Especially our products Eastman ™ hydroquinone (1,4-dihydroxybenzene) and DEHA 85 (N, N-diethylhydroxylamine 85%), are in great demand in Europe. Since January 2014, we are an official distributor of Eastman ™ Hydroquinone, Photographic grade.

The reducing agent hydroquinone is mainly used in the photographic industry, as well as an inhibitor in the polymerization in plastics manufacturing. In the process water treatment, it is used as an oxygen scavenger. The pharmaceutical quality of hydroquinone is used in the manufacture of medical creams and ointments. As an official distributor of Eastman ™ Chemical, we can supply you at reasonable prices with hydroquinone. We have a regular stock.

Similar to the hydroquinone, diethylhydroxylamine is mainly used in water treatment and in the photographic industry, as well as an auxiliary agent in the polymerization. In addition, it is applied to the silicone coating and production. DEHA is also used in the preparation of some pharmaceutical products.

We are of course also able to submit offers for other chemicals on request. Through our longtime experience in chemical trading, we will find the right product for you.