About us

Our traditional trading house has been operating in the import, export and commodity trading for over 20 years. With our location, near Hamburg, we have the best logistic conditions to meet our customer's needs.

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Hydroquinone & DEHA 85%

Both products are used as reducing agents and antioxidants in various industries. We have a regular stock of hydroquinone and DEHA 85%.

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Jürgen Schoos

„Thanks to the skilled work of our motivated team and the loyalty of our customers, we were able to expand
and strengthen our position
worldwide. “

Jürgen Schoos, owner

Pepsin for the detection of trichinosis

We are specialized in trading with pepsin 2,000 FIP U/G and hydrochloric acid 25% per analysis for the official trichinae and nematodes investigation in the veterinary laboratory. We guarantee best quality and fast delivery.

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Hotel Equipment

We provide hotel kitchens and catering departments worldwide with machines and spare parts from leading manufacturers.

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