Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

We export chemical and pharmaceutical raw materials worldwide

We started our business in 1991 with the export of chemicals and pharmaceutical raw materials. Our product range has grown significantly since then. Meanwhile, it is very extensive and we can offer many products at low prices. By now our product range has expanded greatly. Today we are able to supply products according to your individual wishes and requirements. Different markets provide different conditions, so we adapt ourselves to your specifications. Based on our experience, we can quickly identify which chemicals and raw materials we can offer you competitively.

Transit and cross shipments enable border less export

Thanks to the progress of the global market economy, we do a lot of transit and cross transactions. We ship chemicals and pharmaceutical raw materials mostly from India or China directly to South America, Africa or the Arab world. Conversely, we export a variety of European products to Asian countries - and not only there. Of course, we always supply our customers with fresh chemicals and pharmaceutical raw materials from recognized and certified manufacturers.

Chemicals and pharmaceutical raw materials in small and bigger quantities as combined shipments

One of our specialties are combined orders. We ship a number of different chemicals and pharmaceutical raw materials together, of which the specific value is not too high. The customer receives from us an individual "package". This offers him many advantages when importing it. High valuably goods we can ship in the fastest way by courier. We offer detailed advice and comprehensive professional expertise, both in chemistry and in the pharmaceutical sector.